Seven reasons why your business may not be growing

There comes a point in your business when you start to feel everything is static and you are repeating the same things over and over again. Your consumer base isn’t growing, your leads aren’t converting to actual sale, your revenues are stagnant and you have tried all the strategies that are present out there. So why isn’t your business growing, you may ask? Well there may be thousands of reasons for that but let's narrow those down into seven most common ones. Figuring the right answer to this question is subjective and what works for one may not work for another.


Why managing business is like working out

Remember the first day you hit the gym, ready to take on everything that came your way, ready to go the extra mile on the treadmill and lift the extra kilo? Let's not to forget the last minute checks you did before coming to the gym so that you didn't forget anything, your training gloves, your trainers, not your towel for sure. You were filled with passion and enthusiasm but there was an air of confusion and apprehension which surrounded you when you first entered the gym, you didn’t know where to start? what to do ? how to do ? How much to do?

Business partner

How to choose your business partner

Wozniak & Jobs. Hewlett & Packard. Gates & Allen. Page & Brin. These are just the names of people who have impacted your life knowingly or not. The common theme is that these are the name of business partners who clicked and produced something innovative. It is their partnership that enabled them to do this. Going into business with anyone can be daunting and brings up an array questions. Should I have a business partner with a best friend? A family member? A relative stranger? These are all valid questions and concerns. However, these are not the right questions. If you go into any partnership it is important to take a breath and assess the situation, or rather the person. Do you have the same goals? Do you have similar passions? The are just some of the important topics to consider and ponder.

Logistics hero

Choosing the best logistics partner for your business

With the online retail industry expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.6%, to reach $1 trillion by 2020, many people are now resorting to the e-commerce sector to build out their ventures. Indeed, with the industry set the way it is, now is the time to capitalise on this great opportunity. With the rapid transformation in the telecom industry and data being easily accessible to millions across India, more and more people are taking to the online side of purchasing making India the fastest growing E-commerce market in the world. The market is already filled with a lot of players and it is hard to survive against the likes of Amazon and Flipkart who are pumping money into their businesses like never before. But wait does this mean that you are out  of the race and there is no way that you can manage to run a successful business online?

Manage your working capital with Vendors and Suppliers

Your suppliers are an important part of the holy trinity which makes up your stakeholders in the working capital cycle. They too perform a very important role, providing you with the necessary raw materials, stock or other products and services which are important to running your business. Should they stop providing them to you, well, there is a high chance of your business seizing to operate at all. Unfortunately, at the same time, suppliers consist of a cash drain for your business, and your need to analyse how best to manage them to help you better streamline the working capital demands that will be placed upon you. It is interesting that whilst reducing the time taken for stock and clients (ie – invoices) to be turned into cash, improves your cash cycle, increasing the time taken to pay your suppliers does the same. But take heed; playing this game with your suppliers is a risky one, especially if they are large and you are small. Here, we can show you a few ways of managing the risks around this:

Managing your working capital cycle with Customers

This article shows you how to help improve your cash position by gtting paid promptly from your customers, through early and promot invoicing, regular billing reminders, debt collection and more. Your customers are extremely important to your business – after all, they purchase from you, and allow you to generate revenue/turnover which pays expenses in your business. But sometimes, securing that large client may prove to be a bigger headache, simply because they take forever to pay. It is reported that Indian businesses take the longest in Asia to pay invoices issued to them, upon being granted credit terms. All too often it feels a little like this:
Changing the word can't to can by painting over and erasing part of it with a paint roller on a concrete wall in the phrase i can do it

Perhaps tomorrow…

“I am a small business owner. I started this up shortly after college, simply because I didn’t want to join the others bowing and scraping and generating the revenues of others. I wanted to be my own revenue generator. Not that it’s been an easy journey though. I got by when I realized that there was nobody really to help me with figuring stuff out, and that I would have to do so myself. I got lucky as I came across a big client who I now regularly supply. Kickbacks to the procurement manager are not something I enjoy doing, but it keeps me in business, so I do. 70% of my sales are now being generated through this one client. I often ask myself what I would do without him, and shudder at the thought, but complacency has set in and I cannot really be bothered to go and


Can you sell as well as this guy?

Let’s face it… businesses are all about selling product, and keeping costs per product lower than the price you sell your products at. Which is why being able to sell is so important. It’s sometimes easy to forget the necessity of a good sales technique in the midst of being an entrepreneur. And, as you get caught up into the business of getting your sales up and running, I wanted to share a simply awesome story with you. Here is a photo of a street vendor named Joe Ades. He doesn’t look like much but he turned out to be the world’s best salesman. Who also happens to be a multi millionaire, from selling… potato peelers. HOW? I hear you cry. Well. let’s watch the man in action: Joe manages to create a sales pitch without making anyone feel as if he is selling to them. This is his

11 Ways To Make This Holiday Season Productive

For some small businesses, the holidays are the busiest time of the year. With holiday shoppers coming to look at your products and services, keeping all your orders straight, staying fully staffed, and managing your inventory can be tough. But for other business owners, the holidays are the slowest time of the year. If your customers  are at home celebrating, it can be tough to keep your cash flow stable and your business operating smoothly. So, whichever boat you’re in— be it the holiday rush or lull—how can you survive the holiday season? We did a survey of businesses around India, and this is what they had to say 1. USE THE SLOW TIMES TO FOCUS ON INFRASTRUCTURE By focusing on infrastructure during the slower periods, you will be able to provide a better experience for clients when you get larger. The holiday season is a great time to focus on

Your business is a test match, not a Twenty 20

As an Indian cricket fan it’s not often that you’d give any team much of a chance against India in test matches especially playing in India. Shami’s reverse swing, Yadav’s raw speed, Jadeja’s unfaltering accuracy, Ashwin’s square turners, Pujara’s sturdy defence and Kohli’s electrifying energy! But every now and then someone rises from the ashes of defeat and demand the world to take notice. One such face that earned the appreciation and respect, not only from the opposition, but also cricket lovers around the world was Haseeb Hameed. Haseeb Hameed, who at 19 years became the youngest player to play for England. A batsman born and raised in the era of six hitting-reverse sweeping-slogging mania of T20, showed grit and determination to outplay India and end the innings not out on 58 off 156 deliveries. The opener for England came in the second innings batting at 7 after having suffered

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