Seeds and Agro – An agricultural success for working capital

First things first, an introduction- I am Saurabh Dev Pandian, the Director of Finance for Seeds Agro and Products Private Limited. We are a private limited company and a highly sought after exporter and supplier of a wide array of products in Tamil Nadu. We offer seeds of the open pollinated and hybrid kinds, plant oils, charcoal, processed grain flours, natural honey, nuts and more. Since the inception of our firm in the year 2007, we have been carving our own niche in the market. Our staff and processing units are set to the highest possible standards to ensure optimal quality for all our products. Our main office is located at 1/436 Lakshmi Nagar, Aathipatti, near Royal Garden Hotel, Sempatti- 626101, Aruppukottai.

Vinay Murthy and the Antal Team

How I invested in new technology for my HR solutions business with bill discounting

When Vinay Murthy, of Antal Infotech, set out to find financing for his HR Solutions company, based in Koramangala, Bangalore, he did not realise how complex and frustrating it would be. He required the financing due to complex but firm government rules around disbursal of payments owed to staff, and due to the growing number of contracts he was getting. Fortunately for him, he found the solution with bill discounting with MarketFinance India

One of Fidere's many clients

Here’s how we accessed a pay later finance scheme for vendors

We conceptualised our company primarily to manage and operate world class developments of facilities / infrastructure. The market demand for a global benchmark facility management delivery and the local focus and local approach policy of ours have set the path for us to be an organisation with a personal touch. We began in 2010 and through consistent efforts, hard work and a lot of passion from all our employees; we have scaled up our operations manyfold.

One of the Skechers retail stores set up by Altaf and his team

How my business got a merchant cash advance loan from Credit Card sales

So, let me introduce myself. I am Altaf Durani from EON Retails LLP. Ours is a Limited Liability Partnership, and we are retailers of American footwear and athletic accessories brand Skechers. Two partners set up this business in 2014. Our efforts bore fruit when we set up our office at 44/g Adelphi Chambers 1st Floor, Ismalia housing society, Clare Road, near Byculla West, Christ Church, Mumbai – 400008. Hard work by the Entrepreneurs reaped reward For the last three years, we have put our blood and sweat into developing this business.  The footwear retail business in India is growing at an incredible pace. Since Skechers is looking to expand its activities in India, our company is also developing with it. We have renewed our efforts to grow our business by opening more retail stores. We were looking to expand and set up our retail stores across the state of Maharashtra.


How Munnar managed to grow his small business 3-fold in a year

When Munnar saw his medicine distribution business grow in Hajipur, Bihar, he didn't understand why no bank was willing to lend to him. His 2 year old sole proprietorship was growing significantly, and was profitable as per his income tax returns. He had no previous history of loans, and he was ensuring that he maintained strict banking discipline in his bank account, never once issuing a cheque that would not be honoured due to insufficient funds.

Siddharth Kumar

Siddarth Kumar – Inbizhero

"Once, I had gone to crack a client deal. Things were going well - the client was responsive and he liked our pitch. I had been asked to meet the client’s Purchase department to finalize the prices (I had a target price of Rs. 250 in my mind). At the meeting, I was nervous, the Purchase Manager only spoke in Hindi, and my Hindi is basic at best. After the uncomfortable customary pleasantries, I handed over our quotation to him. He tossed it aside without looking at it, looked at me and asked for the price…in Hindi. Nervous as I was, I told him ‘deerh sau’. He blinked, and repeated the question. To which I replied, ‘Deerh sau Sir, Two hundred and fifty rupees per kg’. He chuckled, and told me he’ll release the Purchase Order soon. It took me a while later to understand the difference between ‘deerh sau’ (150) and ‘dhai sau’ (250).” - Siddarth Kumar, Director at Resil Chemicals Pvt Ltd

Pavandeep Singh – Inbizhero

" My childhood was beautiful, coming from a home and school where there was so much love and understanding. I must say my brother and I have had a blessed childhood. From the beginning, I always wanted to create a brand of my own, without a clue about how, what, where etc. Our family business always represented world class brands and we were in trading but never manufacturing. I remember always thinking it would be so nice to create my own brand in the market. Four years ago, I put up a food stall at Kitsch Mandi just as a hobby and passion for feeding people. From there the ‘Tadka Singh’ Journey began and little did I know that it would turn out to be such a success that I would leave my current business and start a chain of restaurants.” - Pavandeep Singh, founder of Tadka Singh restaurants


Akshay Shankar – Inbizhero

"I remember the day I summoned the courage to put down my papers, end my career in investment banking and embrace the unknown in search of finding my purpose. I still don't know whether it was film-making that chose me or vice versa but I feel Stephen Fry's words sum up my thoughts best, “We are not nouns, we are verbs. I am not a thing - an actor, a writer - I am a person who does things - I write, I act - and I never know what I'm going to do next.” The first feature documentary that I worked on was called 'Indelible'. The film explores the lives of 7 people with down syndrome living in India. I remember almost literally feeling my world view expand. It revealed the true nature of unconditional love to me. At Curleystreet Media, we want our audience to be moved by what they see so you can say that we are a company that makes films that move people. When I watch a good film I am inspired and it makes me think about what it is to be human. It is this fundamental feeling and the ability to give that feeling to somebody else that drives me to be a successful filmmaker." - Akshay Shankar, CEO of CurleyStreet Media


Stephanie Macwan – Inbizhero

“Being a woman entrepreneur, you’re introduced to a world of hurdles and hardships. From being overlooked and considered inferior in comparison to my business partner, to being inappropriately touched by a potential investor… One person who overcame this gender barrier and who inspired me like no other is Coco Chanel. She came from nothing. Lived in a cramped room with her 4 siblings. And, in a time where women literally had no rights, she challenged the patriarchal system to build Chanel. I believe if a woman in the 19th century could rise above sexism and misogyny, then every woman in today’s world can.” Stephanie Macwan, SMAC

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