Pratik Hakay – Inbizhero

“There was a small incident which made a very deep impact on my life. It was Dasshera, and my friend’s mother had invited my Mom over to their house, for a traditional celebration. I had the onus to drop Mom off to their place and pick her back again. In those days I used to drive a moped. We got very late starting over to my friend’s place and Mom suggested we postpone the plan to some other day. I insisted on going since it was “my” friends invitation. I wasn’t even sure of the address and the directions to reach the place. I was riding Mom over to the place, me driving my moped. Those were the days without the cellphones. And I missed a turn or two to land almost a couple of miles on a secluded highway. The moped broke down, it was raining and the place was


Dhriti Jain – Inbizhero

“When I was working, I believed I was happy professionally; after all, I was working with some of the biggest brands. But, it never felt right, felt a little incomplete. This is because, as interesting as my job was, working for someone else meant limiting myself and having to work within the confines and boundaries of what that someone else wanted. I wanted to break new ground, redefine the status quo, and be flexible enough to accommodate the demands of my clients and try things which may not have been already an established trend in the market. Along with this, I always had a hunger to create something and share it with the rest of the world, to share something which would be enjoyed and appreciated. And I realized that I could only have the freedom to do this with my own brand.” Dhriti Jain, founder of AndOtherEssentials.com


Krupa Bhavasar – Inbizhero

“I love kids! To be surrounded by them everyday and to help them develop themselves, it means a lot to me. Despite doing my MBA in finance, I chose to open and manage my own preschool. We are in our sixth year of operation and are about to open our second school. Its been a journey of highs and lows and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Krupa Bhavasar, Iken Active Kidz

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