How to create a business with no money

Many entrepreneurs go through the dilemma of finding a job versus following their dreams and setting up their business, because they either do not have enough money, or they feel that they cannot start something up without big money. Well, the truth is that entrepreneurs have been setting up successful businesses without having to find initial funding. After all, it is truest test of an entrepreneur; to make something with the limited resources available. What it takes is a bit of common sense, and clarity of thought. Know that there has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur, because well, the internet. You could be relaxing on the beaches of Goa while building your brand/service. Make something If you have an innate creative spirit, or a passion for something, tap into that passion, and make something. Wooden toys, candles, even clothes are items which can be made and

Startup Smarter – Mission Statement, Why-to-buy, Value Proposition

One of the keys for your hot startup in India is to get the message across to stakeholders (customers, suppliers and investors alike) in an easy to understand manner. This is where mission statements and the Value Proposition become extremely critical. More importantly than all those stakeholders are your internal stakeholders – the founders, management and employees. Should there not be a consistent rhythm of understanding in the engine room of your startup, then things will not move in a coherent fashion, nor will people understand why certain decisions are being made. A mission statement is no more than 2 sentences which embody the function of your startup and the strategic direction of your startup in India – the reason for being. Put simply it should incorporate the following: The Why – Why is your startup in existence – What is it aiming to do The What – What is

Startup Smarter – Business Models to propel your startup

We have all had the great ideas which we think will launch us into fame, money and glory, and the truth be told, never in the history of man has it been this possible to build a relatively successful and scalable business, using the right business model to do so. Technological advancements have made things possible to an extent like never before, connecting people and countries all over the world. We live in an era where disruption is taking place because the world is more interconnected than ever before. So how do we exploit this new interconnectivity and think of business ideas? Well, one way to do so is to see what business models have now been created, in order for you to work your startup into a particular niche. Hold a reverse auction – when price sensitive customers come together, they want the best possible deal or outcome, and

Startup Smarter – The Germ of a Business Idea

If you have ever observed anything in this world, you will know that there are ideas blossoming everywhere, opportunities ready to be explored, and problems which need to be solved. As soon as you get a potential business idea for your new startup, your eyes will light up as you explore the possibilities of what could happen once you launch it. Here are a few realities: Business ideas are born every minute in India, and around 99 of them die the next minute in India Your business idea is a commodity – our guarantee is that another 5,000 people have thought of the very same idea In the same way that these 5,000 people have thought of this business idea, 90% of them will forget the business idea in the next minute, and of the remaining 10%, 9% will test it improperly or give up after the first attempt to

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