Business Corner – Build your business during weekends (and maintain your social life)

We all know that managing weekends building your small business during weekends is an impossible task – I mean, it is tough enough managing your weekdays with building the hottest startups in India, without having to find the time for some respite in the weekends right? Wrong – Weekends are the most crucial time for entrepreneurs and small businesses to be so productive, that it lays the way to effective time management during the week. By following this advice, you can be effective at managing your time extremely productively during the weekend, whilst getting the rest and respite you need, and managing time with family and friends. Why is building your business during weekends so important for entrepreneurs and small business owners? – Weekends help with ensuring that as an entrepreneur, you get the rest and recuperation you need to charge your batteries and get the new week off to

Business of the Week: Ensafe Security Services

Mohammed Ahmed, the director of Ensafe Security Solutions, found that his security service business in Devangare, Karnataka, was growing rapidly. To assist with his working capital needs, he approached MarketFinance to help him get the best available loan for his business. Read the interview below: 1. Why did you want to get working capital financing? Working capital finance is a great way to our business due to our business has a 45 days to 60 days DSO so it is helpful to generate capital and to start being laser focused on our business growth. To get anywhere in the world of business, it is extremely important to have capital on hand to cover marketing costs, payroll, and any other financial expenses that occur within the daily operations of business. 2. Had you approached other banks/NBFCs for financing, and what was the outcome if you had? No, because we had heard

Business of the Week: V3Mobi Communications

1. Who is Om Prakash Singh? I am a dreamer, passionate about mobile related technologies and aspiring to entertain bottom of the pyramid thru ubiquitous mobile phones. 2.What is your background history and key members of your amazing team? I came out of university as an engineer and also am a qualified MBA. I have worked on multiple business and operation verticals like production, sales and product management. After completing my MBA, I joined a tech start up “MCARBON” as a product guy. The kind of exposure I got there was incredible. After working 3.5 years on multiple products/projects, I decided to start off on my own. The concept of v3mobi was conceived. Initially we tried creating a live video platform for education but that couldn’t work so we pivoted towards entertainment. Bhagwati is an IIT graduate with exposure of Telecom related technologies. He was member of core team which

Bangalore July Fintech Meetup!

We had a wonderful attendance at the Bangalore July Fintech Meetup, where one hundred enthusiasts braved the rain and the Bangalore traffic to meet up at the Arbor Pub and Restaurant. The Meetup, which is the third of its kind, was a space designed to bring together FinTech enthusiasts and participants for mutual collaboration and networking. It aimed to provide an environment for the fintech industry to discuss matters of mutual interest, and share to light pertinent topics within the fintech industry. Sawan acts as MC to describe a point to the audience Ashwin (right) introduces himself and MarketFinance to the audience Amit Goel, of Lets Talk Payments, gave a wonderful presentation on the existing state of FinTech in India, spanning from payments all the way through to lending. He talked extensively about the ecosystem which FinTech in India is evolving into, including some fascinating facts and figures. For example,

Business of the Week: Tradohub

Who is Akash Domadiya and what is his background? Akash is the founder of Tradohub. Before Starting Tradohub, Akash was the CEO of Lucent Cleanergy where he established india’s first solar EVA film manufacturing plant. He is a serial entrepreneur with an expertise into international trade, logistics, finance & global sourcing. Prior to Lucent, He was the Chief Minister Fellow with Govt. of Gujarat. At Tradohub, he leads Technology, supplier partnership, leadership development and strategy. He studied B.Tech (Information Tech.) from Nirma Institute of Technology (Ahmedabad). What does Tradohub do and who are your customers? Tradohub.com, the world’s first E-Distributor, was founded in 2014 with a mission to empower SMEs to dream bigger. Our simple, yet ingenious E-Distribution platform bridges the gap between all kinds of SMEs and large reputed suppliers. Tradohub aggregate demands of SMEs for Industrial Raw Materials and procure these raw materials from large global manufacturers at

Business of the Week: Antal Infotech

Who is Vinay Murthy and what is his background? I have been a head hunter all my life managing global assignments and building strong teams for over a decade now. Post my Science Graduation, I started my career with Infosys in its HR Team but I felt like I always belonged on the other side of the table and should be running my own show, hence made the move to HR Consulting. After a successful stint with Magna Infotech, the largest tech contract staffing company in India, as a Business Manager, we set sail to venture on our own 3 years ago, with a vision to influence a 100 million lives in India, through “Online Talent Platforms” and to also make a mark in our industry we spent a decade in. So to achieve the latter, as a part of the “Hiring Solutions” business line we started Executive81, around 3

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