Why managing business is like working out

scrawny gym kid

Preparation is key..

Remember the first day you hit the gym, ready to take on everything that came your way, ready to go the extra mile on the treadmill and lift the extra kilo? Let’s not to forget  the last minute checks you did before coming to the gym so that you didn’t forget anything, your training gloves, your trainers, not your towel for sure. You were filled with passion and enthusiasm but there was an air of confusion and apprehension which surrounded you when you first entered the gym, you didn’t know where to start? What to do ? How to do? How much to do?

Cut to the sleepless nights you spend making sure everything is in place from putting the last ticks on your checklist to completing all the formalities before starting your venture. It’s amazing how similar the feelings were to when you first started at the gym working out, right? You too were filled with the same enthusiasm and passion but you also found yourself lost  in the middle of an ocean not knowing how to find the shore. You tried to solve one thing, you messed up another, you tried to finish one task whilst several others remained incomplete The same questions were valid here as well. What to do? How much to do? How to do? But you slowly figured them out as time went by as you did in the gym.

Fat to fit

Scaing things up

You have completed one month at the gym and you are tired of going through the same regime over and over again. You ask your instructor to level up your training and scale things up a tad bit. This feeling is natural as we human beings have this attitude to never settle for anything. But the problem with leveling up is that you have to push a bit harder, your body would show resistance, you may pull a muscle or two but regardless of all this, you choose not to give up. Now compare this when you decide to grow your business and decide to take it a level higher. There will be resistance from your partners or people who are associated with your business. There is risk of leveraging your company upto a level you may find a hard time covering it if things don’t go right. If you can do it in the gym why can’t you replicate it in your business. Just don’t give up.


Imitation is the best form of flattery

There is always that one guy in the gym whom you have been following since the very start. You admire his grit and passion and he serves as the perfect role model for you. Seeing him go the extra mile motivates you and inspires you in doing fifty extra crunches for the day. Everyone inside the gym serves as motivation and inspiration for one or the  other person. The same is true for your business competitors. There are things you can learn from them and there are things that they can learn from you. There is always that one company whose success you wish to replicate and it is serves as the right source of inspiration for your venture. The competition is what drives innovation and compels you to take your game one notch higher and beat your peers. Remember there have been ugly battles in the past but on a whole the scenario which exists in the gym applies  in the  business context as well.


Routine for your workout and business

Routine is the most essential part of the gym. Right from making your alarm clock your worst enemy to making your trainer as your companion in pain, routine plays the quintessential role when it comes to your fitness regime. Going through this you would remember those chilled sunday mornings where all you wanted to do was to  sleep in your cozy blanket  and not get out.

But you chose not to and instead head towards the gym. Not all days at the gym are good, everybody hates legs and shoulder day, or some hate all days, but you still go forward and complete the task knowing how important it is for your health and your ultimate goal. The same applies in your business, not all days will be good, not every day will present something new but you still have to complete what is meant to be that day. Your business routine is equally important and essential if you want to see your business grow. You just can’t let go off things you don’t wish to do as they will hurt you in the long run. Persistence pays and helps you inch closer to your ultimate aim. Keep pushing harder and stop at nothing.

Sweat is rolling down your cheek, your hair is in a mess, your feet are starting to feel heavy. “Don’t stop go on complete that last push up” these words are playing in a loop in your mind and finally you finish your day at the gym. You would be quite familiar with this scene, you witness this everyday but at end of it there is that satisfaction you get which makes you feel everything was worth it, the sweat, the pain, the routine, everything. You walk up to the mirror to see your reflection and you start to re imagine yourself, not satisfied to say the least, but you  still are seeing the improvements and this creates the zeal to start all over again the next day.


The same is true when it comes to your business, your financials, customer acquisition and retention, and stakeholder relationship are the reflection of your years’ hard work. You are often if not always not very satisfied after going through them but there is still that little happiness and moral which pushes you forward for the next year of hard work.

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