Vinay Murthy and the Antal Team

How I invested in new technology for my HR solutions business with bill discounting

When Vinay Murthy, of Antal Infotech, set out to find financing for his HR Solutions company, based in Koramangala, Bangalore, he did not realise how complex and frustrating it would be. He required the financing due to complex but firm government rules around disbursal of payments owed to staff, and due to the growing number of contracts he was getting. Fortunately for him, he found the solution with bill discounting with MarketFinance India


How to determine business loan affordability

For years, business have happily applied for working capital loans, invoice (bill) discounting, collateral free loans and small business loans in order to improve and expand upon their business. Whether it is required for emergency cash relief in a period where working capital has been tied up, or the money has been required to facilitate growth of the business by expansion, purchase of fixtures and fittings or even hiring new staff, the requirement of having cash from borrowed funds is there for almost everyone. Yet, it is amazing how most business owners completely forget the flip side of the coin, about whether they can actually afford to repay the loan or not. It definitely is something to consider, after all, life is tough enough as it is with paying your vendors, employees, overheads and maintaining your machines, without having to also add to this with a loan repayment plan which

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