Seven reasons why your business may not be growing

There comes a point in your business when you start to feel everything is static and you are repeating the same things over and over again. Your consumer base isn’t growing, your leads aren’t converting to actual sale, your revenues are stagnant and you have tried all the strategies that are present out there. So why isn’t your business growing, you may ask? Well there may be thousands of reasons for that but let's narrow those down into seven most common ones. Figuring the right answer to this question is subjective and what works for one may not work for another.

Business Corner – 5 simple methods to grow your customer base

We see a lot of people applying through MarketFinance India, whose businesses suffer from low revenues. The belief is that lending will help with marketing activities, and all too often, small business owners forget about the plethora of cheap and effective methods which exist to grow their customer base! We had a think about how to help, and so came up with this guide which may help some or all of you with regards to engaging customers and actually getting them to become aware of your business, so that you can grow your customer base!

Business Loans Guide – Profit and Cash Flow

Understanding the difference of profit versus cash flow is crucial if an expanding small business is to survive what may be a roller coaster in its first few years. It is easy to get drawn into a spiral of cash flow problems even in a business where the underlying trade is profitable. Once in, it is difficult to break free from the spiral. What is Profit Profit is the difference between the revenues and your costs that your startup has generated in a period of time. Revenue consists of: Revenue = Cash from turnover generated in the period + Unpaid Debtors created in the same period Costs are: Costs = Cash used to make payments for expenses incurred in the period + Unpaid Creditors created in the same period What is Cashflow Cash flow is: Cash flow: Cash received from turnover generated in the period as well as previous and

Business Corner – Good Working Capital Management

  ‘Turnover is Vanity, Profit is Sanity’. So the old adage goes. Good working capital management means that there is a lot more than turnover. And the truth is that we still have lots of business in Startup India that boast of the crores of turnover that they have, when their bottom line is actually a tiny fraction of that, or still in losses, because their costs associated with selling their product, as well as overheads, tends to be way too high. Therefore there is an element of importance in keeping costs to a manageable level in order to be effective in working capital management. Without this ability, your hot new startup runs into losses over consecutive periods, and eventually will prevent you from paying your important stakeholders, such as your suppliers and employees. But whether your startup is profitable or not, nothing, absolutely nothing, brings a business down as

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