Why managing business is like working out

Remember the first day you hit the gym, ready to take on everything that came your way, ready to go the extra mile on the treadmill and lift the extra kilo? Let's not to forget the last minute checks you did before coming to the gym so that you didn't forget anything, your training gloves, your trainers, not your towel for sure. You were filled with passion and enthusiasm but there was an air of confusion and apprehension which surrounded you when you first entered the gym, you didn’t know where to start? what to do ? how to do ? How much to do?

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Famous Celebrities who became entrepreneurs

Celebrities seem to gain fame and fortune through appearances on silver screen, and others simply by belonging to a famous family, or through being internet socialites. A handfull of them, however, progress further to set up successful business ventures as entrpreneurs in their own right, displaying an element of business acumen, and other business related skills. Here we look at 5 celebrities who have successfully moved into the business world as entrepreneurs.


Akshay Shankar – Inbizhero

"I remember the day I summoned the courage to put down my papers, end my career in investment banking and embrace the unknown in search of finding my purpose. I still don't know whether it was film-making that chose me or vice versa but I feel Stephen Fry's words sum up my thoughts best, “We are not nouns, we are verbs. I am not a thing - an actor, a writer - I am a person who does things - I write, I act - and I never know what I'm going to do next.” The first feature documentary that I worked on was called 'Indelible'. The film explores the lives of 7 people with down syndrome living in India. I remember almost literally feeling my world view expand. It revealed the true nature of unconditional love to me. At Curleystreet Media, we want our audience to be moved by what they see so you can say that we are a company that makes films that move people. When I watch a good film I am inspired and it makes me think about what it is to be human. It is this fundamental feeling and the ability to give that feeling to somebody else that drives me to be a successful filmmaker." - Akshay Shankar, CEO of CurleyStreet Media

How to set up a good restaurant business in India

Indians love good food, and everywhere you go in India, your sense of smell can pick up on the rich aromas and flavours of food wafting through the air. It comes as no surprise that food is often seen to be a big business and one which many people readily get themselves involved in. But, in a country where there is so much competition, how do you set yourself ahead of everyone else, so that your fledgling restaurant business does well? It is no secret that many entrepreneurs go into food because they have little way else to turn to, and they soon turn into the street vendors we are used to seeing out there. But this should not be the way forward for you – if you compete with them, then you are simply competing on price, and as a consequence, increasing the risk of your restaurant failing miserably.


Dhriti Jain – Inbizhero

“When I was working, I believed I was happy professionally; after all, I was working with some of the biggest brands. But, it never felt right, felt a little incomplete. This is because, as interesting as my job was, working for someone else meant limiting myself and having to work within the confines and boundaries of what that someone else wanted. I wanted to break new ground, redefine the status quo, and be flexible enough to accommodate the demands of my clients and try things which may not have been already an established trend in the market. Along with this, I always had a hunger to create something and share it with the rest of the world, to share something which would be enjoyed and appreciated. And I realized that I could only have the freedom to do this with my own brand.” Dhriti Jain, founder of

How to create a business with no money

Many entrepreneurs go through the dilemma of finding a job versus following their dreams and setting up their business, because they either do not have enough money, or they feel that they cannot start something up without big money. Well, the truth is that entrepreneurs have been setting up successful businesses without having to find initial funding. After all, it is truest test of an entrepreneur; to make something with the limited resources available. What it takes is a bit of common sense, and clarity of thought. Know that there has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur, because well, the internet. You could be relaxing on the beaches of Goa while building your brand/service. Make something If you have an innate creative spirit, or a passion for something, tap into that passion, and make something. Wooden toys, candles, even clothes are items which can be made and

I’m sorry, Mr Banker…

Dear Mr Banker, I’m so sorry for all the troubles I’ve caused you. I know you are a busy man, and have far more important clients than little old me to visit. But I thought I would write to you anyway and tell you that I’m doing alright. My business is growing and I couldn’t be more excited! With my success comes a problem, a problem that hurts me in a manner that seems unjust and cruel, but yet accepted by the good people who walk this earth. Every time I venture to sell a product that I’ve poured sweat and tears into making, I always hear that dreaded sentence from the buyer – ‘I’ll pay you in 30-60 days’. If I had a nickel for every time somebody said that to me, I would be, well, rich! And now I’m growing so fast, I often don’t have enough money


Krupa Bhavasar – Inbizhero

“I love kids! To be surrounded by them everyday and to help them develop themselves, it means a lot to me. Despite doing my MBA in finance, I chose to open and manage my own preschool. We are in our sixth year of operation and are about to open our second school. Its been a journey of highs and lows and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Krupa Bhavasar, Iken Active Kidz

Startup Smarter – Business Models to propel your startup

We have all had the great ideas which we think will launch us into fame, money and glory, and the truth be told, never in the history of man has it been this possible to build a relatively successful and scalable business, using the right business model to do so. Technological advancements have made things possible to an extent like never before, connecting people and countries all over the world. We live in an era where disruption is taking place because the world is more interconnected than ever before. So how do we exploit this new interconnectivity and think of business ideas? Well, one way to do so is to see what business models have now been created, in order for you to work your startup into a particular niche. Hold a reverse auction – when price sensitive customers come together, they want the best possible deal or outcome, and

Startup Smarter – The Germ of a Business Idea

If you have ever observed anything in this world, you will know that there are ideas blossoming everywhere, opportunities ready to be explored, and problems which need to be solved. As soon as you get a potential business idea for your new startup, your eyes will light up as you explore the possibilities of what could happen once you launch it. Here are a few realities: Business ideas are born every minute in India, and around 99 of them die the next minute in India Your business idea is a commodity – our guarantee is that another 5,000 people have thought of the very same idea In the same way that these 5,000 people have thought of this business idea, 90% of them will forget the business idea in the next minute, and of the remaining 10%, 9% will test it improperly or give up after the first attempt to

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