Four Financial & Projection Metrics To Measure Your Startup

In the past three years; the Indian startup ecosystem has seen an obvious trend. Set up your startup; raise money from angels; burn through cash to acquire customers; raise subsequent rounds and burn through even more cash. But 2016, saw a change in that trend with fewer startups raising money; numerous startups shutting down their operations and more startups focusing on getting their financial model and projections on track. While acquiring customers is quintessential for a startup to operate and generate revenue; financial modeling and projections are just as important to plan, measure and evaluate the progress of your startup. While the entire nation tries to wrap its head around the startup ecosystem and keep up with its changing trends, here are four financial criteria that will make sure you generate more than you burn:   Customer Lifetime Value Revenue per customer can only be determined if there is an

I’m sorry, Mr Banker…

Dear Mr Banker, I’m so sorry for all the troubles I’ve caused you. I know you are a busy man, and have far more important clients than little old me to visit. But I thought I would write to you anyway and tell you that I’m doing alright. My business is growing and I couldn’t be more excited! With my success comes a problem, a problem that hurts me in a manner that seems unjust and cruel, but yet accepted by the good people who walk this earth. Every time I venture to sell a product that I’ve poured sweat and tears into making, I always hear that dreaded sentence from the buyer – ‘I’ll pay you in 30-60 days’. If I had a nickel for every time somebody said that to me, I would be, well, rich! And now I’m growing so fast, I often don’t have enough money

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