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Famous Celebrities who became entrepreneurs

Celebrities seem to gain fame and fortune through appearances on silver screen, and others simply by belonging to a famous family, or through being internet socialites. A handfull of them, however, progress further to set up successful business ventures as entrpreneurs in their own right, displaying an element of business acumen, and other business related skills. Here we look at 5 celebrities who have successfully moved into the business world as entrepreneurs.

Siddharth Kumar

Siddarth Kumar – Inbizhero

"Once, I had gone to crack a client deal. Things were going well - the client was responsive and he liked our pitch. I had been asked to meet the client’s Purchase department to finalize the prices (I had a target price of Rs. 250 in my mind). At the meeting, I was nervous, the Purchase Manager only spoke in Hindi, and my Hindi is basic at best. After the uncomfortable customary pleasantries, I handed over our quotation to him. He tossed it aside without looking at it, looked at me and asked for the price…in Hindi. Nervous as I was, I told him ‘deerh sau’. He blinked, and repeated the question. To which I replied, ‘Deerh sau Sir, Two hundred and fifty rupees per kg’. He chuckled, and told me he’ll release the Purchase Order soon. It took me a while later to understand the difference between ‘deerh sau’ (150) and ‘dhai sau’ (250).” - Siddarth Kumar, Director at Resil Chemicals Pvt Ltd

Pavandeep Singh – Inbizhero

" My childhood was beautiful, coming from a home and school where there was so much love and understanding. I must say my brother and I have had a blessed childhood. From the beginning, I always wanted to create a brand of my own, without a clue about how, what, where etc. Our family business always represented world class brands and we were in trading but never manufacturing. I remember always thinking it would be so nice to create my own brand in the market. Four years ago, I put up a food stall at Kitsch Mandi just as a hobby and passion for feeding people. From there the ‘Tadka Singh’ Journey began and little did I know that it would turn out to be such a success that I would leave my current business and start a chain of restaurants.” - Pavandeep Singh, founder of Tadka Singh restaurants


Akshay Shankar – Inbizhero

"I remember the day I summoned the courage to put down my papers, end my career in investment banking and embrace the unknown in search of finding my purpose. I still don't know whether it was film-making that chose me or vice versa but I feel Stephen Fry's words sum up my thoughts best, “We are not nouns, we are verbs. I am not a thing - an actor, a writer - I am a person who does things - I write, I act - and I never know what I'm going to do next.” The first feature documentary that I worked on was called 'Indelible'. The film explores the lives of 7 people with down syndrome living in India. I remember almost literally feeling my world view expand. It revealed the true nature of unconditional love to me. At Curleystreet Media, we want our audience to be moved by what they see so you can say that we are a company that makes films that move people. When I watch a good film I am inspired and it makes me think about what it is to be human. It is this fundamental feeling and the ability to give that feeling to somebody else that drives me to be a successful filmmaker." - Akshay Shankar, CEO of CurleyStreet Media

How to create a business with no money

Many entrepreneurs go through the dilemma of finding a job versus following their dreams and setting up their business, because they either do not have enough money, or they feel that they cannot start something up without big money. Well, the truth is that entrepreneurs have been setting up successful businesses without having to find initial funding. After all, it is truest test of an entrepreneur; to make something with the limited resources available. What it takes is a bit of common sense, and clarity of thought. Know that there has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur, because well, the internet. You could be relaxing on the beaches of Goa while building your brand/service. Make something If you have an innate creative spirit, or a passion for something, tap into that passion, and make something. Wooden toys, candles, even clothes are items which can be made and

Bangalore July Fintech Meetup!

We had a wonderful attendance at the Bangalore July Fintech Meetup, where one hundred enthusiasts braved the rain and the Bangalore traffic to meet up at the Arbor Pub and Restaurant. The Meetup, which is the third of its kind, was a space designed to bring together FinTech enthusiasts and participants for mutual collaboration and networking. It aimed to provide an environment for the fintech industry to discuss matters of mutual interest, and share to light pertinent topics within the fintech industry. Sawan acts as MC to describe a point to the audience Ashwin (right) introduces himself and MarketFinance to the audience Amit Goel, of Lets Talk Payments, gave a wonderful presentation on the existing state of FinTech in India, spanning from payments all the way through to lending. He talked extensively about the ecosystem which FinTech in India is evolving into, including some fascinating facts and figures. For example,

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