Why managing business is like working out

Remember the first day you hit the gym, ready to take on everything that came your way, ready to go the extra mile on the treadmill and lift the extra kilo? Let's not to forget the last minute checks you did before coming to the gym so that you didn't forget anything, your training gloves, your trainers, not your towel for sure. You were filled with passion and enthusiasm but there was an air of confusion and apprehension which surrounded you when you first entered the gym, you didn’t know where to start? what to do ? how to do ? How much to do?


Dhriti Jain – Inbizhero

“When I was working, I believed I was happy professionally; after all, I was working with some of the biggest brands. But, it never felt right, felt a little incomplete. This is because, as interesting as my job was, working for someone else meant limiting myself and having to work within the confines and boundaries of what that someone else wanted. I wanted to break new ground, redefine the status quo, and be flexible enough to accommodate the demands of my clients and try things which may not have been already an established trend in the market. Along with this, I always had a hunger to create something and share it with the rest of the world, to share something which would be enjoyed and appreciated. And I realized that I could only have the freedom to do this with my own brand.” Dhriti Jain, founder of

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